Lamb cuts range

Our lamb is cut in our new cutting room on the farm, by an experienced butcher, having been hung for 7 days, so we have full quality control. A range of cuts are available – leg of lamb butterflied or filleted, lamb chops, rack of lamb, shoulder boned, and rolled – and we sell full or half boxes, all vacuum packed ready for your freezer.

Leg of lamb on the bone

Butterfly leg

Leg in Two ( fillet and shank)

Boned and rolled shoulder in two

Full shoulder on the bone

Boned and rolled shoulder

Rack of Lamb

Canon of lamb

Half shoulder shank with gigot chops

Centre loin chops

Side loin chops


Diced shoulder of lamb

Breast of lamb

Lamb Mince

Offal pack

Straight from Kilmullen Farm

The lamb is labelled so you know exactly what each piece is See our order page for details.