We started farmers markets in November 2013 starting in Dun Laoighre People’s Park ,it was initially an experiment to research what the customer was looking for and what their needs were . We stood with a box of lamb vacuum-packed , and assumed people wanted boxed lamb only ! We quickly realised that our customers wanted pieces of lamb , half legs , half racks , chops and all smaller cuts as well as some wanting boxed lamb. We quickly adapted our product to match this demand and that is how we grew our Kilmullen lamb business.

We also provide our apple juice and seasonal sweetcorn in both Dun Laoighre and Airfield Estate . We have a very loyal and wonderful following in both places . Famers markets are an integral part of our business . We get to know our customers ,their changing requirements and their story . They are happy to meet the farmer and hear the stories from the farm . There is trust built between us and where there is trust there is loyalty .
Airfield is a wonderful location for us as it is an urban farm with a lot to do there so the famers markets adds a lot of value to it and attracts families and individuals who appreciate the best in local produce .

Airfield market runs all year but as we are seasonal we are there from July to January 9.30am to 2.30pm Friday and Saturday
Dun Laoghaire People’s Park September to December . 9.30 to 5pm