1. How much room does the lamb take up in my freezer?

 A half lamb takes up 1.25 drawers in a standard upright freezer, and a full lamb takes up about 2.5 drawers in the same style freezer.

2. What are they fed?

Our lambs are predominantly fed on grass and clover with the free run of the herbs from our farm hedgerows. In a year of poor weather conditions either too wet or hot (which can affect grass growth) we supplement with Irish based grains and windfalls from the orchard. This applies more to end November- December when the conditions are wetter and cooler but the mix of some grain and windfall apples is a great boost to them. They also thrive on left over sweetcorn in October /November .

3. What is the “carcase weight”?

The carcase weight is based on the cold weight of the lamb 12 or more hours after processing by the abattoir, which is about 18 to 20 kgs.

4. Where do we deliver to/ collect from?

We deliver free within a 10 kms radius of Newcastle, County Wicklow and if you live outside of these areas, please contact us to discuss drop off or pick up.

* Collect at the Farm on Friday and Saturday’s.

* At Airfield Estate farmers market, Dundrum on a Friday and Saturday (9.30am to 2.30pm) free to enter into market .

* Dun Laoighre farmers market on Sunday’s. (10am to 4pm)

We deliver Nationwide including Northern Ireland at a €15 extra fee. Nationwide delivery must leave by Thursday to arrive Friday.

5. When do we produce lamb and why not at Easter?

We produce lamb every week from July to mid-January and customers have several options for collection as stated above. Our lambs are born from early March right through to early May and although born predominantly indoors within three days are with their mothers out on grass so there are learning quickly to feed and live off what is natural. They are then ready from July onwards. This gives the unique flavour of a life that is natural to them hence the lovely flavour.

6. How is the meat presented?

Individual sections vacuum packed for your freezer, and then presented in a cardboard recyclable box. The lamb is labelled so you know exactly what each piece is. For nationwide it is covered in icepacks in a Polystytherene box with clear special labelling for delivery purposes

7. Where is your lamb prepared?

We have our own HSE inspected and approved cutting room on the farm where the lamb has been hung in our fridge for 7 days, which makes it tender giving it the best possible taste, so we are in full control of the end product. You are very welcome to view when you pick up your lamb. This also allows you the flexibility to change a particular cut once ordered to up as far as 5pm on the day of preparation.

8. Why us?

We have been sheep farming and producing quality assured lamb for the past three generations here in Wicklow. We produce lamb like it use to taste! Bord BiA Quality Assured.

9. Can I have my lamb cut in exactly the way I want eg shoulders diced and minced and my chops in packs of 4 and my racks in half?

Yes you can. Just go to our order form and make a note in ‘Special requests’ or phone us to discuss.
The great benefit of controlling our own cutting room is that you our customer controls exactly the cuts you want and how they are packaged so you have until the minute we prepare yours to decide your cuts. We can recommend or take you through your options on the order form ..this is what makes your experience personalised and memorable.

10. Further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask Margaret 086-2797089.