Apple juice

Kilmullen farm has also a very old orchard, planted by Eamon’s late father Larry Bourke and his Grandfather the late Sylvester Bourke. The apples are a mix of bramley and cox with some unidentified smaller ones that have a delicious flavour. Each year seems to bring a different flavour. It can be sharper, or sweeter depending on the volume of each produced.

Over 100 apple trees planted

We handpick the apples late September early October and then they are sent to Con Trass the Apple Farmer in Tipperary where he presses, pasteurises bottles and labels it for us. We use the award-winning Label Factory in Clonmel for our labels. The only addition to the juice is vitamin C in order to allow it last within the bottle for one year however when opened it lasts approx. 2 days only due to its freshness. It is not diluted like other juices or anything else added and you can taste this in the flavour.

Natural produce

The apples are a mix of bramley and cox. This mix makes a lovely sharp flavour and acts as a wonderful thirst quencher. It is very popular in restaurants served by the glass or bought by the 750ML bottle or 250 ml which is suitable as an accompaniment to ‘lunch on the go’. We use it ourselves to drink but also as a base when cooking pork , it carmelises at the bottom of the pan and in addition to apple sauce makes a wonderful gravy.

We are already in coffee shops and stores around Wicklow. Where you can purchase individual bottles and find us on their menu. Powerscourt Distillery shop Enniskerry, Bay Café Brittas Bay, Gerry’s butcher shop Kilcoole, Farrelly’s Butcher Shop Delgany, Arboretum Kilquade, Kelly’s Fruit and Veg shop Wicklow town, Keith’s butchers in Roundwood, Fishers Newtownmountkennedy, Cavistons Glasthule, Centra Kilcoole and Sarah’s café ‘Lo Grocer’ in Arklow .

Directly from farm

You can also purchase directly from the farm all year round or at farmers markets Airfield Estate (Friday and Saturday’s 9,30am to 2.30pm July to December).

We have a finite amount so I can have a maximum number of clients we require as we need to be able to supply to you all year round. Please get in touch if interested.